Nutrition and human health


Israeli company has developed a supplement Gmaih- and proposed as a solution for tens of medical problems, diabetes and even cancer. Researchers claim that so far there is no medical evidence to these promises, and producers of their own offering partial results of research…
With the development of medical science in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the belief that there was appropriate to find a drug for any disease is just a matter of time. With the passage of time, and when they discovered that this belief is unreasonable, they began to invest many research resources in order to examine the various factors that have an impact on the disease and to prevent it. They found thousands of research conducted around the world, that there are feeding fundamental impact on human health, development and performance.
Strange diet or that diet quackery “Amodh”
From time to time, different experts propose wonderful treatments for residents of the West Asamina.
This time without carbohydrate diet, diet and time for food is cooked and once grapefruit diet.
At a time when no part of the world the amount of food composition and population are not required to stop their bodies materials, in other parts of the world, many people drown food products and marketed with the help of a huge advertising campaigns.
Is it preferable to eating sugar-free products when we want “that provide calories”?
People who Briggam for slimming tend to acquire products without sugar out of the belief that it reduces the consumption of calories, you really have it?
The real challenge in these parts of the world is how to stand firm in the face of this quantum tempting and how we choose a tasty and healthy food at the same time.
Increase the maze when we hear different tips to doctors and nutritionists, which contradict each other, as an answer to the questions: What to eat? How to eat? And when we eat?
Coffee – Yes or no?
Coffee is one of the disputed drinks with regard to nutritional value. At a time, when researchers in the field of medicine and alternative medicine are advised to stay away completely from drinking coffee, the people who claim that the full stay away from coffee led to the improvement of their health. There are doctors who prescribe the integration of coffee daily nutritional and, because of its features, which proved in different research in recent years.
In this chapter we will try to offer before you guideline principles essential to the needs of the body, and methods agreed upon proper nutrition by most men nutrition.
Protein diet, useful, or peril
Contradictory opinions of nutrition experts with regard to “insanely” diet of proteins, which has spread like wildfire. Is it good for the short term? You could be detrimental to the long term? Are you perplexed? …


Poise energy
Energy balance in the body is the ratio between the amount of energy absorbed from food and the amount of energy utilized by the body. When equilibrium is achieved between the absorbed energy and the untapped energy, body weight remains constant, while in the event of a defect in the balance for a long time, the body weight changes. In this item we will look for food as a source of energy, but we should not forget that also provide food and building blocks of cells and tissues.
A little bit about the terminology
Weight and mass
The term “body weight” is an acceptable daily term also on doctors and nutritionists who is also shown in the relevant sources, books and newspapers. It is important to know that the correct scientific term is “body mass.” Mass is the amount of material which is measured in units of kg, while the weight is taking place on the body force, measured in units of Newton. In this chapter, we will use mostly everyday term “weight”.
When we eat absorb energy
The energy required to do all the life processes of humans and animals sourced from the food we eat.
The body can draw energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
Surely you have noticed on the covers of different foods it is written, the energy in them the value of units in addition to the price of thermal breakdown of nutrients. It is important to pay attention, that the calories are not material, but units of measurement that indicates Kamihtaqh that can be drawn from the whole food in the package.
Calories, calories and Kalusar Gawel
Price per thermal (kcal) is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius. Since the price is a small thermal units, followed by the use of the Great Unity of them a thousand times and called Kalusarahrrari (kcal) kilo kcal is the energy required to raise the temperature a liter of water one degree Celsius.
Most food packages using the term calories when they mean Kilokalori and also in everyday language when we say that a large apple contains 60 calories or that during a 40-minute walk slow “burn” 80 Kalori – is intended kcal.


source: Nutrition and human health