Backyard Organic Vegetable Garden


The satisfaction and pleasure that you can obtain from developing your own backyard organic vegetable garden is enormous. Of course, you also end up with some very fresh organic veggies for home cooking. Although there is work involved, knowing the potential outcome makes it very enjoyable work. Not only does it give you a feeling of accomplishment, it is also very soothing to your psyche. So if you are really into the benefits of an organic garden, you will find the gardening work to be well worth the effort.

Some vegetables require more growing space than others. As much as the kind of veggies you like will determine the amount of space you will devote to your organic garden, the type of veggies you will plant will also play a part in determining the space you need. For instance, if you plant squash, they are a spreading or vine type plant and take more of your growing space. Conversely, growing tomatoes will give you more room for other organic vegetables since tomatoes grow upward instead of spreading out like squash.
If you are working with limited space, make sure the plot of land you are using is not too wide. Keeping the garden narrow will allow you to weed unwanted growth without stepping through the plants and keep you from straining your back. The process can be as reqarding as the end results, so make it easy and comfortable whenever possible.
Next, decide what organic vegetables you want to plant and off you go to the local seed store. Make sure your seeds are stamped with the year you are planting them. Although seeds from two years ago will produce, there is no need to take the chance with old seeds. After all you will be putting a lot of time and effort into this project.
A small garden will require only one package of seeds for each variety of vegetables you choose to grow. To speed the process, you can always purchase starter plants. Buying starter plants has its draw backs. It is a little more expensive and you take away the thrill of seeing new plants emerge from seeds.
Organic Vegetables Are Expensive
At first, you may think the expense of growing your own organic veggies is counter productive. However, there are several benefits to consider:

1. superior taste
2. freshness
3. convenience and availability
4. chemical free
All that and knowing that they are your creation make raising veggies in your own backyard garden well worth the time and expense. Of course, what you get out of the project wil depend largely on what time and effort you put into it. So, go ahead and get started today growing the freshest vegetables and herbs in your own backyard organic garden.