Best Irish Restaurants


It was in the 1960’s when the German, French and Dutch downsized to Ireland to create a variety of cheeses, special kinds of meat and opening up bistros serving not too flashy but loved food. Now this is what triggered the Irish men to realize that this is a good thing. A bit of adventure in organic has spiced their food up and deli shops and deli markets in many market towns are in better aims to making their food of higher quality and experiment although as a tourist you should try experimenting that much, admitting the black pudding pizza in Clonakilty may not be suitable for every ones taste buds.

The main element that raises the interest in fine dining would be a healthy by-product, finding that after sometime while Ireland is gaining more and more competition has caused it to get better and better that cookery schools where the people who are educated with not just the basics and practicalities of making good food, but also with a heightened sense of taste that can created good food, that in turn becomes and produces the next good meal.
It may not seem to be a great secret but freshness is the core of this cuisine, there’s an old Irish proverb that says, Serve fresh food and mature drink.
So now you have come to know the essence of what makes great Irish food, it’s time to taste it yourself. Here are the list of the finest Irish restaurants in Ireland.
Note: Prices in this restaurants are inclusive of 3 courses and excludes wine
Shanks, Clandeboye, Bangor, Co Down.
This restaurant is ran by a couple by the name of Robbie and Shirley Millar. Robbie is assigned more in the kitchen area and she on the front house. It is a seventy-seater restaurant that had been exquisitely furnished by Sir Terence Conran with lots of wood and zinc as well as Hockney prints. You’ll easily see the kitchen in a large window that is displayed in the dining room where you can view Robbie making a dish called ballotine, this is a wild Irish salmon with baby lobster and leek dressing, roast quail stuffed with crispy potatoes, purple broccoli, broad bean risotto and to finish millefeuille of ginger, springe rhubarb and pistachio with rhubarg jus. All of this for just 25 pounds. There is much of local cuisines that is systemed in Clandeboye Estate like pigeon, guinea fowl, venison and pheasant. They also include organic vegetables. In this place seafood is very important to mix with influences in Italy, Pacific Rim and France crop up.
Restaurant Michael Deane, Belfast
It only take eight months for this restaurant to be opened, and as he stood being new in the scene, he gained a Michelin star which she has maintained. Michael Dean is a bit of a showman and he has recently started teaching and creating his own cookery classes. There is the price of 40.5 pounds for three courses that can be a choice of bettroot, celeriac cream, local lamb goat cheese, olive crushed potato and ratatouille, aged balsamic and red pepper finishing assiette of caramel. You can also opt to take a nine course menu worth 59 pounds. A wine bottle costs 19 pounds a bottle.
Flemings, Cork City, Co Cork
The ambiance is extremely elegant in Georgean country house and hotel enveloped in brocades and Louis XV-style chairs, crystal chandeliers, gilt-framed portraits, it has a spacious dining room. The owner is chef Michael Fleming and he believes in changing the menu weekly. Fleming uses local seafood and meat, ostrich and organic vegetables that have been straight from the garden. Sea bass, monkfish, Guinea fowl that has a touch of classical French treatment.
Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin
The dining area had been located in The Merrion Hotel with magnificent overlooking views of Merrion’s luscious garden. It has been famously renowned to be the best restaurant of Ireland. For the starting course would be foie gra sorbet, oyster and caviar or crubeen and mustard, the fish course include shellfish and turbot, endive and sea bass, meat courses could possible be liquorice, sweetbread, almond and servile orange, then assiette of chocolate or rum baba, and with the French and Irish farmhouse cheeses. This place is a bit pricey but when you taste their courses it is well worth it. Three courses is 30 pounds, however dinner could be triple the price.
Shanahans on the Green, Dublin
Although this is more of an American style steakhouse, it has been well known and well respected. The owner is John Shanahan who came from who’s serving up Irish Angus Beef for a classic rib eye, strip sirloin tournedos Rossini. In seafood they have fray black west coast mussels, Galway oysters with spinach. The also have smoked bacon, Pernod and hollandaise for the starters. In this place is a collection of Presidential memorabilia like JFK’s rocking chair.
Thorntons, Dublin
This is owned and run by chef Kevin Thornton and his partner Muriel. Like other restaurants, this restaurant is in a Hotel which is the Fitzwilliam Hotel. The interior of this place is in a contemporary and classical style having a view of St. Stephen’s Green. Their cuisine is French influenced. The first course would include wild duck with duck confit, blackberry sauce and lentils or sautéed prawns with prawn bisque, truffle sauce. Main course could be roast magret of goose glazed with honey, saffron sauce, carrot puree or roast woodcock with shallot tatin and foie gras, truffle sauce; with a delectable apple tarte tatin with butterscotch ice cream or chocolate marquise with warm sauce. Three courses would cost around 60 pounds. They also offer an occasional eight course menu with wine for the price of 72 pounds.
LEcrivain, Dublin
Derry Clarke is the chef of this establishment. To know of how good this chef is, is to taste the food yourself. Let the dishes tell you how good a chef he is. Creamed truffle, roasted quail, leg ballotine, red wine glaze, slow braised white onion, caremelised pear, beetroot dressing or seared & warm black pudding. Bere Island scallops, shaved fennel, lobster strudel, basil, chorizo, star anise emulision. However, after all the great courses he may not have a sweet tooth so his desserts remain simple. He has created a very special and unsual vegetarian menu in Ireland which are baked crottin Chavignol blanc goats cheese, tomato and avocado, sesame seed nougatine and avocado gazpacho and baby leaves. Three courses is worth 60 pouunds.
Fishy Fishy Café, Kinsale, Co Cork
Forgive the man who comes barging in and carrying a box, because in it are fish and he stayed 12 hours at sea to get it himself. There you can see the boats approaching shore. See the fish coming in and cooked to be on your place. In this place there are large fish tanks filled with crustaceans beckon and queu. You would just need a nice Chablis that they have as simple as the way it aught to be.