The Ireland Nightlife


Irish peeps as you can see with the last event of St. Patrick’s day, knows how to party and to celebrate. It has been their tradition. However, in a smaller scale, the Ireland Nightlife will give you a different feel of partying which is accessible every night of your Ireland stay.

Ireland is known for its nightlife. The nightlife ranges from cozy country pubs to live and loud city night clubs and its variety always had something for everyone’s taste. Although clubbing is usually used in other countries, pubs is the center of the Ireland Nightlife where people gather together, talk, meet people, getting updated with some local gossip, drinking, and eating and simply just having a good time. The pub had been a long kept Irish tradition.

Pubs being a tradition that had been a common place for simple pleasures of good conversation over a couple of beers with extra enjoyment on the side such as good music ranging from local country music to DJ or modern music which are usually found in Dublin City.

Pub and clubbing had changed over the years where there are more modern and cosmopolitan kinds of places that include café bars, disco bars, continental style and the undying night clubs. Dublin is where the younger generations have had a massive share of energetic nightlife that had been known all over Europe. Ireland being one of the wealthiest countries in EU had

brought about multiple bar establishments making the nightlife of Ireland all the merrier. In places lie Belfast, Galway and Cork being populated by students that contributed to always having music events all throughout the year.

List of the Top 10 Must See Nightlife Places in Ireland

Temple Bar Square

The traditional entrance of Temple Bar is the Merchants Arch where it lead to a short, dark and narrow alley filled with shops and having an aura of a bazaar and has opened up into a bright modern area that is called Temple Bar Square. The name had been named after Sir William Temple, a man who had acquired the land in the 1600s. The place is full of high quality restaurants, exclusive shops, coffee shops and a place of artist’s outlets and studios.

Oliver St. John Gogarty

The pub is situated in at the middle of Temple Bar and is easily filled with people. The name of the pub was named after a great poet. There are bands playing at the place who usually plays 10 hours in a day with only a few breaks to relax the larynx with a replenishing Guinness Drink that is worth 5 euros each. There are two level in this pub, the second floor is smaller than the first one but it gives way to bringing the crowd together.


The first floor will give you access to bar counter that serves bars food all day while the upstairs can serve you with the ever famous Trinity College Chicken that had been enjoyed since 1800’s. Other food that is highly recommended in this pub would be the Galway Bay Oyster and the Dublin Bay seafood cocktail. The walls had been filled with historic memorabilia of decades of service. The place is also crawling with tourists.

Brazen Head

This place is the epitome of Irish pubs. It is a squillion year old place structured with great character, having great food, playing traditional music all week round.

It is located on Bridge St. at the south side of the city. It is the oldest pub in Ireland, so if you want to grab a good taste of pub life in Ireland, this place is the place to be. The place had been standing since 1198 even before liquor had been legalized that always had been a popular watering hole.

The locals are the usual people that fill this place, the decorations inside the place gives a more comfortable feel in this establishment. The place is made mostly of wood and old posters serve as memorabilia filling up the walls of this establishment.

There are two types of music being played in this place, one is the traditional Irish music and the other one would be the contemporary/modern music. Many famous musicians had played in this place and to name some would be Van Morisson and the Hothouse Flowers.


For drinks it would be best to try Guinnes Beer and for whisky, go with Bushmills, Jamesons or Paddy’s. in regards to food, you can have plate of chips for $ 3.93, they serve sandwiches, soups, mains, and stews, there is also the availability of the traditional Irish stew, Guinness Stew and beef.

Doheny and Nesbitt

The front bar of this pub is very historic, it is said to be the finest pub and the greatest pint of Guiness in Dublin. The place has small stalls to cater to private drinking letting only the barman to get near you. The back area is now open catering to more larger groups.


This place is crawling with people especially in an All-Irish Hurling Championship that you might find yourself sandwiched in a 200 or more drunken sports enthusiasts celebrating victory or otherwise just having a good time. The place is rampant with Cork fans.

Mulligans is said to serve the freshest and finest Guinness in all of Dublin. If you want a better space in this establishment, it is best to come by around 5pm. Although the place is now known for it’s ambiance, you come to this place not because of the décor but mainly for the Guinness Beer.

Temple Bar Pub

The actual bar of the name, if there is a Temple Bar Square, there is Temple Bar Pub itself. The place is packed, mixed with English and American peeps. This place is the usual place to hold bachelorette and bachelor parties. A great place for singles.

Porter House Brewing Company

This place has a cheerful aura where there is multi-floor pubs and is found at the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar Square.

The place has red bricked walls, glass shelves, red tiled pillars setting out a warm atmosphere. The porterhouse has their own brews of beer. The place serves multiple types of beers. The place has friendly and talkative people while you enjoy live music. The place is mostly young peeps but there are also a number of 40 years olds in the crowd.


To try a western taste of beer, buy yourself their very own Chiller and Vienna Winter Lager. This is one of the rare places that also serve Mongolian beer that is called Baa Dog. They also serve Keo beer from Cyprus.

Knights Bridge Inn

Knights Bridge Inn is found inside Arlington Hotel, the place features traditional Irish music every night along with great traditional Irish dancing.

The dancers here are fascinating varying from kids to teenagers and adults. The place is filled with a happy crowd of singing and cheering surrounding a stage. There are also TV screen in the place, to make everyone see the performances on stage.