Burning sensation in breast


Feeling a burning sensation in the chest is quite a common occurrence in women. In fact, at some point in most women’s lives they will suffer from this condition. A burning sensation in one’s breast can be caused by a number of factors. In some instances the cause will be a natural one linked to normal occurrences in a woman’s body. In other cases it can be associated with a disorder or disease.

Possible Causes of Burning Sensation in the Breast
Paresthesia – An abnormal sensation felt on the skin is one description of paresthesia. Feelings of tingling, numbness, pricking, and creeping of the skin are its characteristics. The exact cause of paresthesia is still not known. Some medical professionals however, think certain medical conditions are what brings out paresthesia.
Sunburn – Another possible cause of the sensation of burning behind the breast is sunburn, especially if you were recently exposed to the sun’s rays for an overlong period of time. The dermis of the skin becomes damaged by the ultraviolet rays found in sunlight. Our top layer of skin is referred to as the epidermis and just below that is the dermis.
Implant Ruptures – For those with silicone breast implants it is important to be aware that a few complications can arise should there be a rupture in the implant. Pain, tingling, numbness, or a burning sensation in the breast are some of the more common symptoms one will find with a ruptured implant.
Chemical Burn – A chemical burn, as indicated by its name, is caused by contact with chemicals. This is something that can happen if certain chemicals are inhaled, ingested accidentally, or spilt on ones skin. The symptoms that occur are immediate.
Diabetes – Diabetes can often be a link to a burning sensation in the breast or underarm. This is because the disease can lead to entrapment of the nerves. Pain and a tingling, along with a burning sensation, may be felt should the nerve that supplies the breast becomes trapped. It may be a sign of diabetes if you experience this burning sensation in the breast.
Paget’s Disease – The characteristics of Paget’s disease, as explained in medical dictionaries, are the formation of enlarged or deformed bones. It is a chronic disorder of the bones that results from the disproportionate breakdown and re-formation of the tissues found in the bones.
Cerebrovascular Accident – When the flow of blood that supplies the brain becomes disrupted, it can cause a cerebrovascular accident to occur. The result is the dying away and injury of cells found in that part of the body of the body affected. Severe burning sensations in the breast can occur if the breast cells have been affected by a cerebrovascular accident. This is considered a medical emergency.
Premenstrual Syndrome – Out of the various symptoms caused by premenstrual syndrome, a burning sensation and tenderness in the breast are of the more noticeable symptoms.
Pregnancy – A woman’s breasts go through several changes when they are pregnant. The reason for this is to prepare the breasts so that your baby can be fed after childbirth. An increase in hormone levels such as progesterone and estrogen are some of the changes that can happen. Also, the formation of milk producing cells, milk ducts, and layers of fat under the breast can increase the size of the breast. These changes are quite often uncomfortable and can result in the sensations of burning, soreness, and tenderness to the touch.