‘Kapag Bisaya Ka, Dinidiscriminate Ka!’ Viral Ngayon Ang Post Ng Isang Proud Bisaya Tungkol Sa Diskriminasyong Natanggap Dahil Sa Pagiging Bisaya!


Let’s face the fact that these days, more and more people tend to discriminate those who came from the province. The people who grew up in Manila, tend to see the ‘Probinsyanos’ and ‘Probinsyanas’ as people who would do nothing but work as house helpers. The worst part is that there are also some people who even judged Probinsyanos as people who are easy to fool.

Because of this, a lot of Visayan tend to fear to move in Manila. Most of them are afraid to move in because of the fear that they’d just experience discrimination.
However, while others are afraid, there are also some who wanted to prove everyone wrong. There are some who wanted to show that world that BISAYA people aren’t just BISAYA and that they shouldn’t be judged based on the place where they came from.


Now, there’s this Facebook user named Lezlie Musico who served as an inspiration to everyone after she posted a lengthy speech on her social media account, sharing the story of how she conquered all the discrimination that she got from the people around her.


On her Facebook account, she posted a graduation photo of her that was accompanied by a lengthy caption where she revealed that since she’s a Bisaya, she was often discriminated by a lot of people.
“Kapag Bisaya ka, dinidiscriminate ka, Kapag Tourism Mngt. tinetake up mo, dinidiscriminate course mo.” These were the first words that she wrote on her lengthy post.