‘Hindi Mo Kailangan Gawin Yun Bro.’ Maraming Netizens Ang Nagulat Nang Sabihin Ito Ni Daniel Padilla Sa Kanyang Fan!

Let’s face the fact that Daniel Padilla is one o fthe most popular young artists in the industry today. Despite that he’s already living the time of his life now, he still makes sure that his feet are on the ground. This is probably one of the main reasons why a lot of people are falling in love with Daniel Padilla.
Aside from being popular, Daniel Padilla is also known for being kind to his fans. Despite his popularity, there wasn’t a single time that he has forgotten about his fans. Although not everyone’s being given the chance to come near him, Daniel still keeps on proving that anyone can be his friend for as long as they know the word respect.



Just recently, a Facebook user named Eoin Aquilizan took the internet by a storm after he posted a couple of videos and photos on his social media account, showing his encounter with the one and only, Daniel Padilla.