Seven Cities in the Philippines That Will Be Submerged 68 Years From Now Because of Climate Change


Climate change is a real threat happening in the world. And of course, whether we like or not, the Philippines will be affected by this since it is not a secret that the country is a small archipelago that can be found in the south east part of the globe, surrounded by waters.

According to this report by the Inquirer, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has stated that seven cities in the country are threatened to be submerged by 2085. The seven cities will be exposed to a one-meter sea level rise. According to a note by ADB:coastal and low-lying areas in the region will be at an increased risk of flooding.” These following cities will potentially be greatly affected by climate change:

1. Malabon

2. Manila

3. Caloocan

4. Taguig

5. Davao

6. Butuan

7. Iloilo

“Losses from tropical cyclones in the Asia and the Pacific by 2085 include a 17-58 percent increase in direct housing damage in the Philippines if no adaptive measures are taken,” the ADB added.

All the cities that were mentioned were cities that can be found at the corner areas of the country.

Though flooding is common in the country, especially in catch basin areas, this still a big deal because this means the decrease in the land area of the Philippines. Entire communities, homes and business will be affected by the flooding sea water. Migrating to another country is a possibility for some but keep in mind that climate change is a world wide problem and every country will be affected. This is especially true for countries or areas that are near the sea.

Do your part in protecting the country and the world by fighting against climate change. Properly throw your trash in trash cans so floods can be avoided; recycle things that can still be a use; conserve water; conserve energy; plant trees; avoid producing any kind of pollution. Help save the country, for the future generation.

What can you say about that viral news report? Are you doing your part to help protect the environment?

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Source: Inquirer