Teacher Discovers One of His Pupils Was Eating Junk Food With Rice For His Lunch! The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart!

  • Junk food, although tasty, is not nutritional and is made with excessive amounts of fat, salt, sugar and chemicals.
  • This teacher discovered that one of her students buys junk food for his ulam during lunchtime
  • Read this netizen’s heartbreaking story here!

Junk food has very low nutritional value – that’s why people call it ‘junk’. Everyone knows that, even though some junk foods have certain vitamins, they’re full of salts, sugars, fats and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

At best junk food is just a treat you give yourself on occasion and not in huge quantities. For example a bag of chips and a regular sized soda is fine if you’re going to see a movie. But if you enjoy eating a lot of snacks everyday, then you’re inviting a lot of health problems for yourself in the future.

Netizen and teacher Choniil Mascariñas shared this heart-breaking Facebook post by one of his pupils who ate junk food for his ulam.

Read his viral post here:

(via facebook.com/choniil.mascarinas)

As it turns out the young boy was too poor to afford a proper meal and only had a measly 3 pesos for his allowance. This unfortunate little boy could only buy junk food for his baon.

Watch the video here (Audio is in Bisaya):


Posted by Choniil Mascariñas on Friday, July 14, 2017

For those of you who don’t speak Bisaya, then here’s a rough translation of their conversation.

Teacher Mascariñas: “Joshua anung ulam mo kanina?”

Student: “Supercrunch, ulam namin yan sa kanin”

Teacher Mascariñas: “Araw araw niyo yang kinakain?bili nalang kayo ng tuyo para maiba.”

Student: “3 pesos lang kasi yung pera ko, sa 3 pesos ko bibili nalang ako ng ulam para may pang ulam ako.”

According to a 2011 study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who ate only junk food for 5 days straight performed poorly on tests which measured speed, attention and mood. Apparently eating too much junk food has an affect on memory and learning.

What a heart-breaking story! We hope this pupil gets the proper nourishment he needs!

What are your thoughts on this moving viral Facebook post? What can you say about this young boy who eats junk food for lunch?

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