Young Boy Praised Online For Carrying The Bags And Letting His Tired Mother Use His Hand As A Pillow On The Subway!


A photo of a boy who let his mother use his hand to support her head while she was sleeping on a subway train has gone viral on multiple platforms of social media.

The mother of the young boy was sleeping and their picture was taken while they were riding the Metro Line 2 in Chengdu. Chengdu is one of the most populous cities in Western China and it is also the capital of the Sichuan Province that can be found in the southwest of China.

The viral photo has received 120,000 likes in a single day after it was posted on Weibo. Aside from the fact that this boy is helping his mother by being her “pillow” an eyewitness also said that the boy offered his seat to a woman who was carrying a baby and chose to stand aside like a little gentleman.

Mothers put in a lot of hard work and love when it comes to raising their kids . It can be truly dificult and thankless job usually the only reward a mother gets is when her son or daughter takes care of them. In this case the mother is rewarded generously and you can see that she really raised him right.



The photo has gone viral to the point that netizens and weibo users have flooded the boy with praises for what he did for his mother and for what he did for the stranger. One of weibo users said “Help me ask around about who this kid’s parents are. I want to go ahead and arrange for him to marry my future daughter.”

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Some netizens say that the mom is extremely lucky to have a son that is taking care of her even though he is still very young.

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